Regatta success at Beccles

Another unmitigated success summed up the Regatta at Beccles last week which had a great showing of fleet sizes including 12 Norfolks, 10 Enterprises and 14 Optimists.

Another unmitigated success summed up the Regatta at Beccles last week which had a great showing of fleet sizes including 12 Norfolks, 10 Enterprises and 14 Optimists.

Visiting clubs included Waveney and Oulton Broad, Norwich Frostbites, Wroxham, Gorleston and a Wayfarer from Leicestershire - such is the attraction of BASC's unique environment for close racing.

The four-day spectacle kicked off on Sunday with 19 entries for the Monosail Open. Winds were light unfortunately but Beccles sailors Jonathan Blankley, Ryan Langston and Matt Deller still managed a rewarding sail as their Lasers took the three top spots respectively.

Gwynne Braidwoodpicked up the prize for highest place under-17 helm in her RS Tera.

Low tides hampered launches in the following morning races but at least the prevailing westerly increased with the water level throughout each day making for ideal conditions leading up to the Tillet Challenge Bloodbath at the close of racing.

Wayfarer Cruising Club sailors M and H Playle, in Wuffa, walked away with both the Commodore's and President's Cups, making their visit from Leicestershire more than fruitful while Phillip Highfield and Tamsin Butcher from Gorleston, in borrowed Enterprise Stirer, claimed the Metcalf Tankard after some tight racing, just beating Beccles sailors Kevin and Pippa Edwards by one point overall.

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Kevin though was back in form for the Tillet Bloodbath, this time with older daughter Elena, their two first places earning them this coveted trophy.

The ladies' Helene James Norfolk race was more than ably won this year by Topper sailor Saskia Baylis.

With veteran BASC sailor Ron Haynes as crew, she steered Dragonfly through the finish a good 50 yards ahead of many- times winner Jo Edwards sailing Minnie.

Two trophies were settled on count-back, such was the competitiveness in some fleets including the Elver Trophy for Optimists. Wroxham sailor Billy Johnson and BASC helm Rowan Curtis kept spectators mesmerized as each fought for top position over the six races, but with Billy winning the last race he was able to claim the silverware overall.

Regatta-goers can look back on another well-organized event which not only made for good racing during the day but also excellent socializing, with live music and karaoke in the evenings.

At the prize-giving, Commodore Richard Deller expressed his sincere thanks to all of the BASC team, who were vital in ensuring everything ran like clockwork, and to all of the participants.

Results: Monosail Open (19): 1 Tardis (J Blankley), 2 Markin (R Langston), 3 Hellraiser (M Deller). Commodores Cup (23): 1 Wuffa (M and H Playle), 2 Tardis (J Blankley), 3 Flash Gordon (R Johnson). Metcalfe Tankard (10): 1 Stirer (P Highfield and T Butcher), 2 Sharkie (K and P Edwards), 3 Cuddles (R Deller and S Baylis). Borough of Beccles Cup (8): 1 Tip Top (Jake Smalls), 2 RS Tera (G Braidwood), 3 Red Hot (Jemma Smalls). Elver Trophy (14): 1 Billy Whizz (B Johnson), 2 Bittern (R Curtis), 3 CA5P3R (C Baylis). Waveney Challenge (4): 1 Naiad (G Little and J Corboy), 2 Teasel (S Thomas), 3 Iris (S and V Marfleet). Jubilee Trophy (12): 1 Herewego (N and A Shipley), 2 Minnie (K and E Edwards), 3 Tankard (R Kelsey and G Roll). Helene James Trophy (9): 1 Dragonfly (S Baylis and R Haynes), 2 Minnie (J and E Edwards), 3 Coot (W Bush and R Johnson). Green King Rose Bowl (12): 1 Shadowfax (R Shipley), 2 Flash Gordon, 3 Tardis. Presidents Cup (13): 1 Wuffa, 2 Stirer, 3 Chippas Delight (D Gentry and J Soards). Noel Cripps Trophy (16): 1 Tip Top, 2 Billy Whizz, 3 Red Hot. SW Mobbs Challenge: Bittern (J Jenkins). Tillet Challenge Cup (21): 1 Sharkie (K and E Edwards), 2 Agapanthus (R and J Salisbury), 3 Chippas Delight.