Runners defy bad weather

The final race in Waveney Valley Athletic Club's 5km handicap evening series attracted a very good field of 30 runners, despite the worst weather conditions in the series.

The final race in Waveney Valley Athletic Club's 5km handicap evening series attracted a very good field of 30 runners, despite the worst weather conditions in the series.

Runners had to contend with freezing hail storms and strong, windy gusts. Fast times were not expected, but surprisingly there were some improved times recorded.

Lowestoft Road Runners' John Grice put in his first appearance this series after being sidelined for over a year with injury.

He had anticipated that it would take him at least 27 minutes to cover the three-lap course, so he was delighted with his comeback run of 25:34 in first place.

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Waveney's Richard Moore, also competing for the first time this series, took second place with his swift 16:54.

Alan Fairs improved his previous time by over a minute in clocking 25:04 in third place, which earned him the first place prize as both Grice and Moore were ineligible.

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Again there were some very close runs to the line with several runners clocking identical times.

Waveney's youngster James Maycock again put in a solid performance of 18:43 finishing in sixth place to consolidate his top placing in the league, winning the overall league with 184 points.

Lowestoft Road Runner's Sue Rendal-Read posted a season's best of 25:06 in finishing in 10th place, clinching second place with 158 points.

Steve Warman (WVAC), who was only seven points adrift, claimed third prize with 151.

After the race the prize presentation was held at Nirvanna Fitness Centre.

As well as awards for the top three in the league, prizes were awarded to the fastest male, which was won by Luke Allen, and the fastest female time was set by Megan Burt (20:30) in the November race.

The much-coveted Industrial Ashes team trophy between Waveney AC and Lowestoft RR was won by Waveney Valley AC.

Thanks went to the officials who have ventured out in the cold winter evenings to support the event - Ray Skipper, Brian Boardley, Michael Balls and Phil Hazell.

There was a special mention for Michael Balls, who devised the series three years ago but is now moving away from the area.

Hopefully the series will still carry on, as it has proved to be so popular with the local runners.

Thanks also went to B1st Sports of Beccles, who sponsored the series, and to Nirvanna Fitness for the use of the bar area for the presentation.

Full results from 5km Handicap (actual time in brackets):

1 John Grice (LRR) 29:34 (25:34); 2 Richard Moore (WVAC) 29:34 (16:54); 3 Alan Fairs (WVAC) 30:24 (25:04); 4 Hollie Blowers (WVAC) 30:24 (23:24); 5 Kevin Sharman (LRR) 30:31 (18:11); 6 James Maycock (WVAC) 30:33 (18:43); 7 Steve Kenyon (WVAC) 30:34 (19:04); 8 Barry Cartwright (LRR) 30:38 (23:48); 9 Pauline Norman (LRR) 30:41 (24:01); 10 Sue Rendal-Read (LRR) 30:46 (25:06).

11 Liam Gentry 30:52 (20:12); 12 Mark Elflett (LRR) 30:54 (23:44); 13 Chris Pimlott (WVAC) 30:54 (18:44); 14 Alice Wicks (WVAC) 31:04 (21:44); 15 Peter Drake (WVAC) 31:11 (22:21); 16 Suzi Baker (LRR) 31:13 (24:23); 17 David Pryce (WVAC) 31:17 (24:47); 18 Carol Maycock (BBD) 31:18 (24:08); 19 Steve Warman (WVAC) 31:20 (26:10); 20 Mark Drake 31:25 (19:55).

21 Luke Allen (WVAC) 31:37 (16:47); 22 Bill Kingaby (WVAC) 31:42 (20:22); 23 Carl Prewer (LRR) 31:44 (17:14); 24 Shaun Lark (LRR) 31:56 (19:36); 25 Sallyann Protheroe (LRR) 32:20 (31:20); 26 Phil Laurier (LRR) 32:51 (28:51); 27 Steve Rendal-Read (LRR) 32:56 (21:36); 28 Nick Carter (LRR) 33:08 (27:48); 29 Paul Stebbings 33:34 (20:19); 30 Paula Lambert (WVAC) 33:45 (26:45).

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