Busy week at Seagull Theatre

Below Old Nelson Street in 1941 (for Bob Collis talk at Seagull)

Below Old Nelson Street in 1941 (for Bob Collis talk at Seagull) - Credit: Archant

Rock ‘n’ roll and country kick off another busy week at the Seagull Theatre in Pakefield tonight.

Rod Clark, Roller Coaster and the Rockettes are back at the Seagull tonight and tomorrow night at 7.30pm.

Following the success of the Buddy Holly concert in February, the show returns to pay tribute to rock n roll and country greats including Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochrane, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ricky Nelson and Elvis. Tickets cost £10.

On Sunday, this year’s S Factor talent competition reaches its grand final at 7pm. It promises a fantastic night of talent, with tickets at £6.

Tuesday at 11.30am and 2pm the Garlic Puppet Theatre presents Shoe Kangaroo and the Big Bad Boot.

Follow Kangaroo and her little Roo on a fantastical journey to the island of odd shoes where they have an adventure with a big bad boot. Adults tickets cost £4 or £5 for children.

Next Friday, August 28 at 7.30pm, Bob Collis and Simon Baker present The air war over Lowestoft 1939 - 45.

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The special presentation will mark VJ-Day by showing how aerial bombardment battered Lowestoft in two world wars.

It will tell the story of how Zeppelins and seaplanes bombed the town on three occasions during 1914-1918, but these attacks were only the precursors of what was to be an even more terrifying ordeal at the hands of Hitler’s Luftwaffe in the Second World War. Using a mixture of then and now comparison photographs, and superb CGI illustrations from Norfolk researcher Kim Collinson, the pair aim to take their audience on a chronological trip through Lowestoft’s bomb-battered streets, where many historic buildings including schools and churches were blasted into rubble or burned to the ground by incendiary bombs.

By the war’s end over 75 pc of the buildings in the town in 1939 had been damaged.

Mr Collis said: “By October 1944, the local council had over 50 acres of bomb-site clearance on their books.

“More than 13,000 houses had been repaired and nearly 200 civilians had been killed. We owe it to the people who died and those who lived through it to ensure the story of how the town and the people in it suffered, should never be forgotten.”

Tickets cost £5.