Beccles to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight in support of Kenyan farmer

fairtrade town beccles

Photo from 2016 featuring Patrick Kiberia, patron of the Suffolk Fairtrade Towns. - Credit: Supplied

The town of Beccles is all set to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight in support of a Kenyan tea farmer.

Beccles is one of eight Fairtrade towns in Suffolk and from February 21 to March 6, the town will be promoting the message of tea farmer Patrick Kiberia.

He’ll be smiling from posters around the town, and this year students at Sir John Leman High School will be making gingerbread from Fairtrade ingredients.

Products bought on Fairtrade terms attract a premium above the basic price and from this Patrick’s community has been able to build a clinic and develop a school. 

At present they can only sell a small percentage of local crop into Fairtrade because the demand for Fairtrade needs to grow.

Patrick’s message is please look for goods with the Fairtrade symbol on and choose them – that way you do your bit for justice and put some spending power into the communities that produced the goods you need.

Rose Norgate, local campaigner, said: "There's lots of Fairtrade products on sale in our stores and cafes and I love coming across something new."