Huge demand as animal adventure park undergoes £140,000 farm train launch

Pettitts Animal Adventure Park has undergone a £140,000 revamp following the launch of a new farm train

Pettitts Animal Adventure Park has undergone a £140,000 revamp following the launch of a new farm train - Credit: Pettitts Animal Adventure Park

The launch of a new £140,000 farm train has proven a "major hit" at a popular Norfolk attraction.

Pettitts Animal Adventure Park kicked off its season at the end of March to families eager to try out the new ride.

And owner Michael Abbott believes that the customer response has been a major hit - confirming the park has enjoyed "phenomenal" Easter and bank holiday breaks so far.

He said: "We can always tell if a ride is going to be a success when people arrive and go straight there.

"There's been large queues so far and the response has been very good."

Mr Abbott explained the ride has been completely transformed from the former Alice in Wonderland version.

It has been rethemed and an old-fashioned barn which has been kitted out with animals at the station has been installed. The barn is also accompanied with themed music and comical farm animal figures which backs on to the farmyard.

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And despite the positive reaction so far, Mr Abbott affirmed that the ride is only 20pc complete following delays receiving orders from the United States.

He added: "Within the next two to three weeks, we'll have the other 80pc to finish the ride off."

From snakes to meerkats, Pettitts, which is located in Reedham, has more than 30 different types of animals to see, as well as a range of rides and play areas.

Now in his fifth season running the park, Mr Abbott said he strives to make improvements every year but admitted it "couldn't all be done at once".

He said: "Our promise to customers is that we want to put back into the park.

"When people visit each year, we want them to see those improvements and new rides. It's so important to us."

In order to drive success, Mr Abbott stressed that the support of customers was "crucial" in order to continue to offer a fresh experience every year.

He added: "We hope that we can continue to provide a great day out to people in Norfolk.

"Our intention is to keep pushing the park forward and we fully appreciate the support of our customers in helping us do that."