Psychic to use 'special gift' at Bungay's Fisher Theatre

Tony Stockwell will be performing at Bungay's Fisher Theatre.

Tony Stockwell will be performing at Bungay's Fisher Theatre. - Credit: Tony Stockwell

An evening of psychic mediumship is coming to Bungay next month.

Medium, healer and teacher Tony Stockwell will be using his "special gift" at Bungay's Fisher Theatre on November 25.

During his 25-year career to date, Mr Stockwell has made numerous TV appearances, including on shows such as Psychic Academy, Psychic Detective and Street Psychic, as well as writing four highly-acclaimed books.

He said: "Whether through mental or physical mediumship, on TV or through small groups, if you can bless one person's life to absolutely believe beyond doubt that their mum, dad, son or daughter is actually going to be there waiting for them then it gives them comfort and it's worth doing."

During the evening in Bungay, Mr Stockwell will demonstrate his belief that those who have passed can communicate with their loved ones.

Recent legislative guidelines insist any evening of mediumship should be billed as "for entertainment purposes."

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