Lots to see on stage and screen at Bungay’s Fisher Theatre

Bungay Fisher Theatre. PHOTO: Nick Butcher

Bungay Fisher Theatre. PHOTO: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

Purple Dreams Productions presents The Empty Stage at Bungay’s Fisher Theatre tonight.

Written and directed by the acclaimed Tobias Nicholls, the show sees rising star Carina Harris murdered during an unscheduled rehearsal for an upcoming play. Now it’s up to the director of the show to determine which of his temperamental cast members is dramatic enough to be a killer. The show starts at 7.30pm, with tickets £10.

Tomorrow night visitors are invited to the Capulet Ball where you can take in the story of Romeo and Juliet from each family’s point of view by watching one or two short plays. The show by The Keeper’s Daughter, starts at 7pm, with tickets at £7 for one show or £10 for both.

On Monday at 7.30pm, the Fisher Theatre film is Paper Planes about an Australian boy’s passion for flying. Tuesday sees the first lunchtime film for kids, Hotel Transylvania 2, at 1pm, and on Wednesday it’s the monthly open mic night from 8pm. Next Friday, August 5, Baroque Theatre Company will be performing a spine-tingling chiller Veronica’s Room.

For more details visit www.fishertheatre.org