Maasai warriors on stage at Beccles and Bungay

A TROUPE of Maasai warriors is heading for Beccles and Bungayt next month - lined up for special shows at Bungay’s Fisher Theatre and the Canopy Theatre in Beccles.

The Osiligi Troupe of Maasai warriors will be at Bungay on Wednesday, October 3, at 7.30pm and at The Canopy Theatre, Hungate Methodist Church, Beccles at 7pm on Friday, October 5.

John Curtin, who is organising the UK tour, said: ‘The troupe’s music is incredible, mesmerising to hear and certainly fascinating to watch. This is an opportunity to experience and enjoy the diverse culture of the Maasai. An unforgettable event, which is not to be missed.’

The Maasai are one of the poorest tribes in Kenya. Life is hard, infant mortality high and drinking water rarely clean or close-by. Maasai people on average live to less than 50, lower than the rest of Kenya and much lower than the UK.

The Maasai lifestyle is one of the oldest surviving tribal traditions. In the past, the Maasai were nomadic pastoralists, roaming with their cattle. Now, much of the land long used by their ancestors is tourist game reserve or fenced off. The climate is changing and in 2008 and 2009 there were very bad droughts.

The Maasai say that they must now adapt to prevent starvation of their people. They want schools and a good education for their children in order to have Maasai doctors, engineers and teachers.

This UK tour helps to raise both awareness and funds for the relief of poverty for the families back in Kenya and to promote their charity Osiligi Charity Projects, which in bringing fresh water, a new church, and a new school to their community, has done so much for the Troupe’s families and neighbours.

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For further details and tickets contact the Fisher Theatre Box Office on 01986 897130 or telephone 07817 197594 for the Canopy Theatre, Beccles.

For more details of the Maasai Warriors and their charity, see website at