Play captures the spirit and humour of the Blitz at Bungay’s Fisher Theatre

Fisher Theatre Youth Group are presenting "Just Another Bloomin' Day" next week.

Fisher Theatre Youth Group are presenting "Just Another Bloomin' Day" next week. - Credit: Archant

The Fisher Youth Theatre Group is presenting a play that captures the British spirit.

“Just Another Bloomin’ Day” – an understated title that describes the spirit that reigned in war-torn London during the Blitz, a spirit that surely shaped the British character today.

Similar light-hearted assessments of events, that would have tested most to their wits end, litter this rich and colourful play about a family living through the Blitz.

Educational children’s writer, Jean May who until recently lived locally, focuses on a family affected by the war. Jean feels strongly that history is important and the young need approachable vehicles to learn about their past.

For this story she chose theatre and the authenticity is palpable. Jean explained that most of the play was remembered through observation as a very young child, including a snapshot memory of her mother receiving a telegram from the war office telling of her eldest brother’s capture.

She said: “Songs were an essential feature of the home front. They kept people going, and there were some very good ones.”

These well-known songs, given context by the play, capture the sentiments like nothing else and the audience is transported back to the 40’s.

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Around the family Jean paints a background with scenes at the Food Office, ration queue, bombsite, dancehall etc, where hardship, beyond the personal, governed every experience. Remarkably, with this being a war play, the pervading sentiment is humour that resounds harmoniously.

Just Another Bloomin’ Day, to be performed by the Fisher Youth Theatre Group is being performed at Bungay’s Fisher Theatre on November 27, 28 and 29. Tickets cost £8 and concessions £6. Box Office: 01986 897130.