Sir Elton John’s production company to make film about Bungay singer

HER first taste of music came when her grandad gave her a tape player with Elton John’s Greatest Hits.

The sounds of Crocodile Rock from the stereo started an association with music that inspired her to try to make it in the industry.

And now Lotte Mullan has finally signed a deal with Sir Elton – for his production company to make a film about her.

The former Bungay High School student clinched a film deal after her blogs about her struggles to get a recording contract became a cult success and caught the eye of a literary agent. Now it has been announced that the film rights have been picked up by Sir Elton’s Rocket Pictures.

Miss Mullan, 26, said: “My original dream was for the big recording contract, but real-life experience can really shatter the dream.

“I never imagined that my blog would be discovered instead. It’s even more ironic that a musician owns the film company.

“My first album was Elton John’s greatest hits on cassette in 1989, so it’s a huge honour that Sir Elton John’s film company is going to make a film based on my life.”

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The Ellingham-born singer moved to London with dreams of stardom when she was 19 years old.

After graduating from the University’s London College of Music, she worked three days a week for Warner Bros Records, but was unable to get the recording contract she dreamed of.

Instead she set up her own label, running it from her flat and producing videos on her phone.

Throughout this Miss Mullan kept an online blog detailing the rejections, inappropriate situations and a range of other awkward situations she found herself in.

This became an online hit and prompted literary agent Julian Alexander of LAW to sign her as an author while producer and screenwriter Nick Moorcroft, who has scripted films such as St Trinian’s and Burke And Hare, signed a deal to create a film.

Now her life is to be portrayed as a comedy drama Plain Jane, with filming due to take place later this year.

She has also just released her debut album, which is also entitled Plain Jane, through her own record label Raindog Records.

Previous reports claimed she was looking to gain more than �2million from the film, book, live work, merchandising and music publishing.