WLOG Rising Stars latest performance

Be afraid, be very afraid! The all-female Pinafore Pirates are hoisting up the fishnet and garter ready to plunder the sunny island of Paragonia.

The talented WLOG Rising Stars are readying themselves for their next show, The Pinafore Pirates and the 33 strong cast of 8-year-olds to 18-year-olds are busy putting the finishing touches to this swashbuckling adventure.

The story is set on the island of Paragonia where Daisy Corcoran is on a mission to rescue her sweetheart, Christopher, from the cut throat band of Pirates. On her mission to free the island once and for all, she teams up with the Magniloquent Seven who are on hand to help win the fight against the Pirate Queen.

The story and characters are heavily influenced by the works of Gilbert and Sullivan.

Performances will be staged nightly at 7.30pm in the Public Hall, Beccles from September 22 to 24.

Tickets are priced at �8 for adults and �6.50 for children. Group discounts are available.

Tickets are available now from SAXON, 35 New Market, Beccles or by calling 01502 717417.

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- For further details please visit the website www.WLOGRisingStars.co.uk or email Youth@WLOG.org.uk