The son of a "kind and loving family man" whose body was found in marshland ten days after he went missing has said he is completely perplexed by his father's death.

Mark Horide said his family had no clues as to why his father Brian Horide had vanished after going for a walk from his home in Beccles.

He said he was not aware of any health issues suffered by his father and did not believe he would have taken his own life. They do not know if he suffered some sort of accident. Police have yet to reveal the cause of death.

Mr Horide Jnr said: "One of the challenges we face in dealing with the grief is that we still do not know the circumstances around his death and all believe he wouldn't have not returned deliberately."

His 80-year-old father, a former painter and decorator, was reported missing on May 21, after he failed to return to his home in Beccles, where he lived with his wife, Rosemary.

CCTV footage provided the last sighting of him at Beccles Quay that afternoon and the riverside area became a focus of the police activities.

Beccles & Bungay Journal: Brian Horide was much loved and widely adored by manyBrian Horide was much loved and widely adored by many (Image: Suffolk Constabulary)

The family, as well as members of the public, assisted police and specialist search teams as the town was scoured.

At one point, the family hired a boat to search along the River Waveney, which passes through the town.

Mr Horide Snr's body was eventually found on Friday, May 31, on marshes near Beccles Sailing Club, less than a mile from the last sighting.



His son - who travelled to the town from his home in Plymouth the day after his father was reported missing - said his family had been touched by the efforts of the public.

"Out of a really sad situation, what was beautiful was the positive feeling of community and togetherness in Beccles, the people really came together and said lovely things.

"In addition to that, on behalf of my family and I, we want to say a huge thank you to the police force and search teams who never gave up in their tireless pursuit to find my dad.

"We are all extremely grateful and again an enormous thank you to the people of Beccles too."



He said his father had given him and his siblings a "really wonderful family home and upbringing".

Beccles & Bungay Journal: The Beccles Quay was where Mr Horide was last seen aliveThe Beccles Quay was where Mr Horide was last seen alive (Image: Valerie Bond)

"Brian was a good dad and a family man devoted to my mother Rosemary.

"He was always there to look after us, a kind and understanding man, who was a really happy person who was adored by everyone who knew him, a kind and caring man.

"Everyone who knew my father only had positive words to say about him, and I felt that in the time I was in Beccles, to be with my family and help with the search which was really special."

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Brian and wife Rosemary were to celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary later this year. They first met at a dance and it was love at first sight for the couple, who went on to have two sons and one daughter together.

The family lived on the outskirts of London when Mr Horide Jnr was growing up and he would regularly accompany his father to work.

Beccles & Bungay Journal: Brian Horide gleefully smiles spending time with his familyBrian Horide gleefully smiles spending time with his family (Image: The Horide family)

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"He has had a brilliant life and we need to celebrate that," he said.

"He was in his 80s and in good health, enjoying life, had lots of friends and kept himself busy.

"Though it is sad, especially because of how sudden and unexpected it was, it is a bit easier to know he was not ill and suffering and had a good quality of life."



A long-term friend of Mr Horide Snr, Peter Boardman, 90, said he and his wife Janet met him and his wife Rosemary more than 60 years ago.

They enjoyed many holidays together with their partners.

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"We used to go on holiday together for many years, albeit many years ago," he said.

"Brian and I used to go walking and climbing in the mountains while our partners would sunbathe on the beach.

"They were some of the best years of my life.

"I really hope he is at peace and my thoughts and prayers are with his lovely family."