Plant which has been growing for 42 years finally blooms


Phillip Roberts standing with his plant back in June. - Credit: Danielle Booden

A plant which suddenly started growing at an incredible rate 42 years ago has now burst into bloom.

Phillip Roberts, 84 and his wife Grace Roberts, 84, bought an agave regina plant from a garden centre in Camber Sands 42 years ago.

agave regina plant

The agave regina plant has started its blooming process. - Credit: Submitted

After not growing at all for four decades, around two months ago the couple were stunned to see the plant begin growing at a rapid rate.

Now, the incredible plant is in its final stages of its life, the blooming process, which is expected to take around a week and a half.


The plant, which is currently going through the blooming process. - Credit: Submitted

Mr Roberts said: "He started blooming three to four days ago and what happens is a section of the head around four to five inches blooms and then dies and it goes through this process about three or four times.

"Once this process happens he will die and deposit seeds.

"It has been an incredible process to witness over the last few months and 42 years."